Larissa Riquelme to run naked despite Paraguay Defeat

Larissa Riquelme to run naked despite Paraguay Defeat Paraguay Lingerie model Larissa Riquelme, who became a worldwide sensation during the World Cup, will run naked through the streets of Asuncion despite the defeat of Paraguay by Spain in quarterfinal.

Riquelme had promised to run naked through the streets of Asuncion if the boys in red and white made the semis.

However, she has decided to keep her promise as a present to the players for trying their level best.

"It will be a present to all of the players, and for all the people in Paraguay to enjoy, because they tried as hard as possible and gave it their all on the field," the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

However, the exact date for Riquelme's streak has not been announced.

Slim body keeps Angelina away from Workout

Slim body keeps Angelina away from Workout Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie says she's always been naturally slim and doesn't really need to workout.

"I really don't workout. I've always been kind of slight and I've always loved to run and jump around and be physical, so action roles are not a huge challenge for me. I enjoy them," quoted her as saying.

Jolie revealed that during filming the first "Tomb Raider" movie, she was given a special diet plan to make her feel healthier.

"It was such a challenge physically. A special diet also helped me shape my body. I ate steamed sea bass or steamed beef and vegetables and I had no sugar and only drank soy milk.

"I'm all for curves on a woman and feeling sexy. I never felt healthier or stronger than during the filming of this movie," she added.

Penelope Cruz secretly marries Javier Bardem

Penelope Cruz secretly marries Javier Bardem Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at the beginning of July, a rep confirmed.

Cruz's rep, Amanda Silverman, said that the wedding occurred at a friend's home in the Bahamas and the couple was joined by a small group of family members, reports

Longtime friend and fashion designer John Galliano made Cruz's wedding dress.

The Spanish actors are believed to have been dating since 2007 although they only officially confirmed they were an item in May of this year.

Bardem, 41, won best supporting actor for his work in "No Country for Old Men" at the 80th annual Academy Awards in 2008, and Cruz, 36, won the best supporting actress for "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" at the 81st Academy Awards in 2009.

Stallone considered Willis, Schwarzenegger enemies

Stallone considered Willis, Schwarzenegger enemiesHollywood action star Sylvester Stallone has revealed he used to consider fellow actors Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger his "enemies".

The "Rambo" actor admits he used to get "jealous" if one of the other action heroes landed bigger or better movie roles than him, but claims their rivalry made them better in their careers, reports

"I was very competitive with them, and very jealous if they got a better movie or script than me. That's what made us push so hard. That's what made us push so hard, and it's why Arnold was so great," he said.

"He was far more diligent than me; I was too reckless. He's very machine-like and I did consider him an enemy. But, looking back, it was a good enemy," he added.

However, the trio are now set to be seen together in Stallone's upcoming directorial venture "The Expendables".

"I had written Bruce and Arnold into the movie in two different scenes but, to give Bruce credit, he said, 'Why not put us in the same room'. If you're going to get away from 'Rambo', you have to have that touch of humour in there," he said.

I am a practising Hindu, says Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts, I am a practising Hindu Hollywood star Julia Roberts reveals that she has been practising Hinduism after filming her new movie "Eat, Pray and Love" in India.

The 42-year-old admits she regularly goes to temple to "chant and pray and celebrate" with her three children and husband cameraman Daniel Moder, reports

She said, "I'm definitely a practising Hindu. Golly, I've been so spoiled with my friends and family in this life. Next time I want to be just something quiet and supporting."

In the film, Roberts plays a woman hoping to find herself through Hindu spirituality.

The actress caused controversy in India last September when local Hindus were barred from celebrating an important religious festival while she shot scenes for the film in their temple on the outskirts of New Delhi.

Villagers hoping to mark the beginning of Navratri, nine days of worship of their Goddess Durga, at Ashram Hari Mandir in Haryana, found their temple sealed by Roberts's vast security team of 350 guards, bulletproof cars and a helicopter.

"Eat, Pray, Love" is a big screen adaptation of the bestselling memoir of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Kim Kardashian won't date Hollywood stars

Kim Kardashian won't date Hollywood stars Socialite Kim Kardashian has no dreams of dating a popular Hollywood star. She says she would rather fall in love with a "normal, Armenian boy". The 29-year-old, who is rumoured to be dating American footballer Miles Austin, says her family keeps setting her up with Hollywood stars, reports

"I'm dating. But I don't like blind dates. My mother is trying to come up with all these names in Hollywood, and I'm like, 'Just get me out of here, I want a normal Armenian boy," she said.

Kardashian had previously quipped that she would have dated teen star Justin Bieber if he was "of legal age". And once again, she affirmed that she would never date anyone younger than 20.

"I was joking! It's like, 'Come on, people,' I would never seriously date a 16-year-old, an 18-year-old, a 20-year-old. It's all in fun. I like them young but even if he was legal, that's still too young for me," she said.

Brand-Perry Break Sex Ban

Brand-Perry Break Sex Ban Newlyweds Russell Brand and Katy Perry apparently ended their three week long sex ban after their wedding. The couple partied until 4 am after their big fat Indian jungle wedding. They then headed to their luxury private tent at the Aman-i-Khas hotel to break the sex ban, reports the Daily Star.

I Kissed A Girl singer Katy, refused to bed comic Russell, 35, before making their vows.

But their love will have to end early today as the King of Bhutan and his aides are due to arrive at the hotel.

But, despite the joyous scenes, bookies are already taking bets on how long the showbiz marriage will last.

William Hill is offering odds of 7-2 that it will be all over before the end of 2011.

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